The Small Change Quarantine Quiz

Hi all. I’ve made a short general knowledge quiz that is designed to be played on Zoom. You can also download an empty template and have the fun of writing the questions yourself. Quizzes are a fun way to get some human contact in this extremely difficult time.

Instructions: One person is the quizmaster. When the zoom call has started, the quizmaster opens the Powerpoint presentation below and presses the ‘share screen’ button at the bottom of the zoom interface. Instruct your contestants to switch to ‘grid view’ in the zoom call. This can be done by pressing the icon furthest to the right at the top of the window where you can see the other people on the call. Instruct them to drag the edges of the window to enlarge it until it fits the box marked ‘Put Friends Here’. All that should be visible is the other people on the call and the bar at the bottom of the screen marked ‘Read Questions Here’. If the contestants are having trouble switching to grid view, I think it is because it is only available when there are 6 people or more on the call. If there are 5 or less, simply place the small bar over the words ”Put Friends Here’. When all that is sorted, the quizmaster can press the spacebar on their keyboard to move from question to question. The arrow keys can also be used to go back and forward. The answers will appear one by one after all the questions have been asked. Contestants mark themselves using the point system that appears next to the answers at the bottom of their screens.


(By the way, the brief ‘Rhyme Time’ round is not an original format. It was taken from the excellent BBC show ‘Richard Osman’s House of Games’.)